How a Commercial Electrician Can Help Your Business Succeed

Problems with equipment and electrical systems come down to two common significant factors, hiring an unlicensed or amateur tradesperson or faulty parts. By hiring a Commercial Electrician, you can eliminate both of these concerns.

Experience is something that can only be gained through years of study and hands-on practice. Hiring the right commercial electrician gives you sound peace of mind — something every business owner needs to have when it comes to their company.

What is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial Electricians are a godsend for those with automated manufacturing equipment. When machinery breaks down, they can be there within an acceptable window to assess, repair, and get the line back up and running promptly.

Simultaneously, an assessment of potential upgrades or efficiency improvements can be conducted. These improvements prove vital for increasing productivity for the facility and the bottom line and improve safety for the operators.

Why Use a Commercial Electrician?

Utilizing these experts brings you not only general level electrical expertise but also much more specialized skills. These specialized skills include robotics, industrial equipment, and a much more comprehensive range of power — from microcurrents to high voltage situations, from motors and hydraulics to microchips and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs).

What Do Commercial Electricians Do?

Manufacturing facilities, mines, resource facilities (such as metal processing), and even retail outlets have an enormous amount of systems, and even the tiniest error can cause an entire operation to shut down for an unacceptable length of time. Commercial Electricians have the skills, knowledge, and experience to locate a problem precisely and efficiently and deploy corrective action with minimal service interruption to the client.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are a core piece of this skill set. Regular I.T. technicians usually do not handle these components. Repairing and programming PLCs is vital if a facility is to get up and run at full capacity.

Commercial Electricians are the soldiers of the electrical world. They are trained for high stress, urgent situations, and complicated multithreaded problem-solving. A potential disaster can be effectively averted with the right person.

Safety First

When it comes to safety, OSHA takes no prisoners. Danger on-site can cause significant hassles and can result in even more significant fines. Using a Commercial Electrician helps to ensure these dangerous and costly problems are reduced and ultimately eliminated.

Commercial Electricians are trained in all aspects of electrical safety as part of their specialty certification. The consultation includes detecting and providing a solution to any electrical hazards that may exist in a facility.

Testing and Tagging

Workers’ compensation claims alone can cost a company not only vital funds but also significantly damage its reputation. Utilizing a Commercial Electrician allows a gold standard in safety to be maintained, so if something does go wrong, staff will not be injured. This is ensured by timely testing and tagging of equipment. 

These tests ensure that the equipment is functioning as the design intended at the appropriate level intended, no more, no less. A tag is then applied as proof of testing and contains retesting dates to ensure equipment is kept in top condition.

Unexpected Surges

Lightning strikes and power surges are a seldom considered situation to most, typically overlooked until they occur. A qualified Commercial Electrician will assess these threats and apply any necessary preventative technologies to keep staff safe and protect vital equipment from damage that could prove otherwise devastating.


Productivity is something that can be elusive when the right people are not involved in the process. From conception to design, construction, and maintenance, Commercial Electricians are a crucial source on the road to a successful facility. 

While it is best to involve a professional from the very beginning, their view can be consulted at any point. This enables a company to focus on specific areas for productivity increases. Constant technological evolution makes this versatility a necessity.

Always Learning

Being up to date with current market standards and technologies is an integral part of being a certified Commercial Electrician. Improvement and enhancement are constant pursuits, enabling each electrician to provide effective consultations on improvements and efficiency. Efficiency covers not only the best output for minimal wastage but also covers subtle safety hazards. 


An inefficient system can lead to overheating of wires and components, leading to overworked AC units and potentially fires. Switching to current technologies such as LED lights can reduce energy usage dramatically when combined with motion sensors. Two indispensable features of this are battery banks and generators, allowing for processes to reach a safe stopping point, reducing material loss, and improving safety.

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